eCHN ePortal
eCHN ePortal
Remote Desktop Web Connection

Please be advised that eCHN Terminal Server access method has been retired on May 1st, 2011. All eCHN Terminal Server users will be able to access eCHN portal using Smart-Sign-on method (SSO) URL

Please consider updating your shortcuts to the SSO URL or add the redirected site to your browser favourites.

The followings are the technical requirements:

1. Internet access to eCHN Smart-Sign-on Portal (

2. For security devices; destination TCP port 443 for https and TCP port 11000 for eCHN images must be permitted from the client device to eCHN Smart-Sign-on Portal.

3. Internet Explorer version 7 or above.

4. Latest version of Java Run Time Environment.

Please contact eCHN helpdesk (1-877-252-9900 or 416-813-7998 for any login related issues.

You will automatically be redirected to the Smart-Sign-on Login seconds. To go to the login page immediately click the following link: